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Announcing Version 1.0 of dnnTurbo Scripts

I would like to announce Version 1.0 of my dnnTurbo Scripts for DNN, which will provide the following improvements:

Simplified execution

There will be less scripts (with full functionality included). All current "adjust.." scripts will be included in the main script TurboInstall.sql, which will combine TurboDNN and TurboSchema. TurboUnschema will be replaced by Turbo_PrepareUpgrade.sql. This should make it easier for users to apply turbo scripts to their databases.

Improved tooling

There will be additional procedures to handle database objects like columns, indexes and constraints. These tools are created in a dedicated schema (dnnsys) and will be used throughout the other scripts. Using the tooling prevents coding mistakes and enhance security of the scripts. A simple sample would be "dnnsys.dropIfExists" which is used to drop any procedure, function, view, constraint, index, column or table while taking care of existence, references and DNN placeholders. Other Procedures will drop all indexes or foreign keys on a table.

Multiple Code Files and Build Script

While in version 0.x, the main scripts were maintained just in the form as they are delivered, in 1.x one there will be multiple source files with dedicated tasks, which will be combined to the delivered files (TurboInstall.sql and Turbo_PrepareUpgrade.sql) using a build script. There will be just one source file containing views and functions as well as one for procedures.

Advanced Script Structure

Each source file will have its dedicated task like removing procedures, adjusting data or adjusting schema. This will make it easier to follow the modifications, TurboDNN is applying to your database.

Extended Validation of Schema and Data

TurboDNN will check the database for additional inconsistencies in schema tables and try to improve the schema to prevent data inconsistencies. This is ongoing work in progress over the next versions.

Extended Logging

While TurboDNN 0.9 currently logs last execution timestamp and version of each script in DNN Host Settings, TurboDNN 1.0 will use its own schema tables for logging of execution and errors.

Extension Support

dnnTurbo 1 will include improvements for several common modules. It will check, whether they are installed and which version to apply the appropriate enhancements.

There are a number of additional ideas being applied in later versions like improved security and better UI feedback.

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